Prices and Information

The electric bikes have six gears, and can be used just like a regular bike. The electric battery lasts for approximately 50 kilometers, depending on the rider's weight. The maximum speed is 25 km/h, based on Israeli law limitations.

The motor is operated when the pedals are used, in order to comply with local laws.
Based on availability, you will receive a free carrying basket for your bag or other accessories. If you are planning on renting the bike for a trip which exceeds 40 kilometers, we recommend renting a charger for overnight charging. The price for the charger is 20 NIS; a full charge takes approximately 4 hours. Keep in mind that the bike can be used like any ordinary bicycle as well, by simply peddling.

Bike Rental Prices
Rental Period Price
Full day rental (8am - 9pm) 100NIS
3-Hour Rental 80NIS
2-Hour Rental 60NIS
24-Hour Rental 140NIS
Baby Chair Rental 30NIS